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International Writing/Editing Client
International Endorsement

Mrs. Deborah Kunesh was for us the help in the ocean of application for the US and the saving angel. Thank you. 

For an internship in a high profile lab at UCLA we needed help in well wording and phrasing the letters,the curriculum vitae (CV), the papers and in bringing together the required and necessary information. 

Mrs. Kunesh prepared and corrected the texts extremely valuable and to a high degree. Her presentation and wording was clear and well-worded. She was sensitive to us who did not have the competency and the qualification, being from Europe, not speaking and writing English as the mother language. 

Mrs.Kunesh was open and inviting to questions, expressed appreciation for them, and willingly gave her time to responding to questions thoroughly. 

Our wish and aim for being invited and recruited for the special internship worked out perfectly. Thank you again. 

We certainly would highly recommend Mrs. Kunesh for any writing, wellwording and help on this topic. ~ Petra Schröder-Kaiser, Germany
Deborah Kunesh takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of her clients to design custom solutions and a written product that exceed expectations.

Deborah feels blessed to do the work she does.  Here are just some of the glowing testimonials from her clients:
Deborah Kunesh, creator of the Reflections on the Dance website, has written two pieces supporting Cadeflaw. Cadeflaw is happy to have Deborah, a person of integrity and passion, endorse the effort to protect the reputations of the deceased. 

Ms. Kunesh wrote an article which will appear in the Jam Café Magazine soon. She wholly captured the spirit and intent of Cadeflaw’s mission. She explains exactly why someone should want to care about this issue and work to support Cadeflaw. The defamation of a deceased person does not only affect a celebrity; it can and does happen to “ordinary” people also.

Ms. Kunesh also wrote an ad Cadeflaw can use to spread the word of the mission. She explicitly explains the need for protection of our reputations after we have passed on and how Cadeflaw is working to provide an avenue of relief for those left behind to protect the reputation of their loved one. 

The ad brings the reader up to date on the progress Cadeflaw has made and where the project stands right now. There are links to various sites to learn more about Cadeflaw. Going one step further, she also provided links to contact California legislators, if someone wants to contact them and express support for Cadeflaw’s proposal.

Although the protection of the reputation of the deceased is Cadeflaw’s original and main purpose, we also have other projects. Those projects are humanitarian in nature, and Ms. Kunesh provides the links to learn more about them. The ad ends with links to information to educate oneself on what the First Amendment is really all about.

She provided many unique and powerful ideas for the use of the ad. Cadeflaw is fortunate to have her support and appreciates the effort she has put into writing the article and ad for us. 

Cadeflaw is very pleased with the work she has done for us. Ms. Kunesh would bring integrity and passion to any project she supports. She thoroughly captured the reason Cadeflaw exists and provided all the information for an interested person to find us and get involved. Cadeflaw is blessed to have her on our side.

~Cadeflaw Administrators

Deborah's Creative & Writing Services Include:

*Personal and Professional Bios

*Web Copy

*Advertising Copy


More Coming Soon...